Monday, August 24, 2009

Country White Bread

A while back, I posted here that I have found my bread recipe, that is, whole wheat honey bread recipe. However, it seemed that it is "too healthy" for Rad to enjoy. Thus, yet again, I found myself trying another recipe. So I went back to and tried their recipe for country white bread. I was not disappointed. And what`s more, Rad liked it! The recipe is good for two 5x9 loaf bread but as I only have the smaller loaf pan, I was able to make 4 small loaves out of the dough. (I froze half of it for use later). This is good because there are only 2 mouths to feed here and 1 small loaf is gone in just one sitting so, that`s about 4 meals or 6 snacks. And like I said, although buying bread is, time-wise, the easiest and most practical way, nothing beats the satisfaction of baking your own bread. My bread turned out better this time because, I had Rad to knead it till it was smooth and elastic (I don`t have the strength or the patience LOL). It is indeed a "fairly heavy bread" with "a wonderful creamy color and soft texture". I followed the instructions to the dot so if you want to try it yourself, visit the site`s illustrated procedure here. Mangantayon!

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