Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Rad is Cooking.... again...

After more than two weeks of no post here, I am back with one of Rad`s cooking again. The past two weeks have been so busy for me that I asked Rad to excuse me from the household chores which included cooking, well mostly cooking because the clothes still needed to be laundered and no way will he ever try to decipher the kanjis on the washing machine. So the past two weeks consisted of eating out, bentos, and Rad`s occasional recipes. He`d always cook some porkchops for me whenever I have an exam or presentation but on the night before my presentation, we were not able to go to the supermarket so he had to make do with whatever was left in the fridge. There was chicke, sausage and some veggies and here is what he came up with. He claims it`s his teriyaki although he didn`t cook it the usual teriyaki way, and it didn`t even tasted like one. He just liked the sound of it, So, I`ll just call it Rad`s Chicken. One thing though, it was very delicious! He cooked enough for my lunch the following day because he had to go to work. I will have to post the recipe later as my cook is so fast asleep (poor thing, these castle trips are energy consuming!).

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