Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Finally! Muffins that look like Muffins!

I was on a roll last friday, Rad made me bake another batch of bagels and I made myself have another try at muffins without beating the batter! Here it is! Oh I was so happy when they finally came out looking like real muffins! I just used the basic muffin recipe and folded some blueberries, choco chips and pineapples. If you are thinking that I am too lazy to post the recipes, you are right. LOL! Just wanna share my excitement over my muffins. These were gone on our first day of our trip to Matsue (I`ll be blogging about it later). If you`ve got tips for a noob then please feel free to share! They are so welcome!

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Anonymous said...

buti hindi naging pizza?