Saturday, July 18, 2009

Yakiniku (焼き肉)

Our missionary friend, Ginger, is having her 2-months vacation in the US and while there, we volunteered to check on her garden once in a while and make sure that they don’t burn in the summer sun. Rad is most happy with the idea that we get to go to Kusanagi at least once a week because it would mean that he gets to visit his favorite yakinikuya san by the train station. So last Thursday, after 4 days of no rain, we went.

The pictures here are quite blurry but it was intended to be that way as we were trying out the Lensbaby. Here you can see me with a 1.5-liter bottle of orange juice. We stopped by to buy some tan (たん) yakiniku (that’s tongue), Rad's favorite. I think the Japanese we passed by thought how strange we gaijins were when they saw us eating and glugging our way to Ginger`s house. If you ever pass by Shizuoka City, drop by the Kusanagi (草薙)station and get yourself some yakiniku. They are quite cheap(by Japanese standards) for something so good! So mangantayon! 食べましょう!


totomai said...

kala ko model ng yakuniku ang nasa pic na kumakain haha

MaRyA said...

hehehe yakiniku otaku yan