Thursday, March 18, 2010

Puto Pao

And so, after the leche flan adventure, I am left with a lot of leftover egg whites, and so is Manny. I hate to see the egg whites go down the drain so I looked for ways to use them. At first, I thought of making merengue but I thought, I would just end up eating everything again. I thought of chiffon cake but Rad doesn`t like it very much and I thought it would be too "mendokusai". And then I found out this website with pictures on how to make PUTO PAO! I followed their recipe changing a little bit in the the measurements.

Way back when I was still with DMMMSU, a colleague`s sister made this for us when we visited their house in Pangasinan and I remembered how yummy it was. This is not her recipe but at least, I have made another "breakthrough" in my cooking experiments!


for the dough:
3 cups all purpose flour
1 cup sugar (I used 1/2 to 3/4 cup)
2 tbsp baking powder
1 1/2 cups fresh milk (the original recipe used water)
7 egg whites (although there are times when I used up to 10 egg whites)
a dash of salt or a pinch of lemon juice (to stabilize the egg whites)

for the filling:
ground pork (I used about 250-300 g)
2 tbsp soysauce
1 tbsp mirin (optional)

1. Sift the APF, sugar and baking powder and mix.

2. Add the milk and mix well.

3. Mix the salt or lemon with the egg whites and beat until fluffy.

4. Fold the beaten egg whites into the first mixture.

5. Saute the ground pork with the filling.

6. Pour the dough about 1/4-1/3 into the baking pan or mold, put the filling then cover it again with the dough. Be sure not to fill the pan all the way though because the mixture will rise.

7. You can put cheese, or salted eggs as topping.

8. Steam or bake for 30-40 minutes at 180-200℃. Or, use the toothpick method to make sure that the dough is already cooked.

I do not have an electric mixer so I had to request Rad to beat the egg whites everytime I make puto pao. Using fresh milk made it tastier and indeed, the fluffier the egg whites are, the better is the dough. Using mirin in the filling is optional. I just couldn`t resist. I believe it tastes better if it has mirin though.


r-yo said...

so how was the finished product? penge hehe. you should do that more often para ma praktis yung beating skills ni Rad. ehehehe

MaRyA said...

masarap! hehehe pati ako natuwa hehehe. Can't do this always, energy output from beating the egg whites is less than the calorie input hehehe masyado syang lolobo!

totomai said...

wala bang delivery to inage yan te? haha gusto ko din try luto pero sa pag prepare pa lang salamat na lang hehe

Megumi said...

Hi MaRya! Parang ang sarap. Ang sipag mo namang magluto :)

MaRyA said...

@totomai - meron! pero wait ka lang pag may energy na ulit ako! hehehhe kay Ken pa lang ubos na e.

@Megumi - thank you for dropping by! nakow eto nga at di ko maupdate tong blog ko. sana makapagluto pa ako pagkatapos ko manganak hehehe